About Me

Blessings and wonderful greetings to all. My name is Ms Melanee. I design and create beautiful Wedding Bouquets, Wedding Headbands, Custom Headbands, Jewelry, like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and I am working on my own line of Pearl Bouquets at this time. I have been creating Wedding Bouquets of all kinds wheather they are made of lovely real flowers or silk flowers for about 25+ years now. Creating beautiful things with my hands is a wonderful joy for me. At this time there a no wonderful bouquets designed quite like mind I am proud to say... many women have different dreams about bouquets as I do. I make a lot of different things and I’m enjoying working on my Pearl Bouquets and some have matching headbands. When I had the thought of my first bouquet and how I wanted it to look, I started looking for a flower that would make it look special. I found it and started on my mission. Ok I must say that it took me six months to make it but it was worth it. I still have it now today. Yes it was a keeper. And I’ve been asked to make all kinds of bouquets. I hope and pray that you too will enjoy my bouquets as much as I enjoy making them. Let’s see if I can make your dream bouquet come true.